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Security Foundations SeucrityLabs offers comprehensive and inexpensive solutions that reduce your exposure to vulnerabilities, reduce your threat surface and build a more secure environment.

We have your organization's security concerns covered across a range of threats at affordable rates to provide you security and piece of mind.


Air Defense Powered by Artificial Intelligence

Security Foundations R&D Lab is developing several advanced systems to defend airspace from aircraft without risking civilian air traffic safety, disrupting GPS,  radar or other air traffic control systems.  Defend your airspace against 21st century threats.


Secure Ag

Our R&D Lab's Artificial Intelligence research is powering our Aero-Field & Industrial (AF&I) product line development with farmers in mind.  We have partnered with farmers from the Midwest to push the AI frontier into the heartlands of the USA!

Our work will radically change farming for the 21st century.  Creating new careers in agriculture and helping provide climate resilient, low cost solutions that utilize Machine Learning to improve agricultural efficiencies to levels never achieved!

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